Research Reports

Decrypting Consumer Behavior and Crypto — I drew on DISQO’s deep data on consumer behavior and linked that to a survey to measure the attitudes of cryptocurrency investors and draw implications for financial services firms.

B2B Advertising and Marketing Study, Outsell — A good example of telling stories with data, this is a writeup of an annual survey we did at Outsell. It also draws from an annual forecast of advertising by medium that we created and maintained.

Account-Based Marketing Report, Outsell — This is one of the first reports from any analyst firm about the nascent field of account-based marketing. It’s based primarily on interviews with CEOs and COOs from vendors and users. The forecasts and recommendations hold up pretty well.

White Papers

The Hidden Costs of Business Intelligence, Chartio — I wrote this to outline the simplicity of Chartio’s pricing model versus the competition. We didn’t make money from data storage or services, and our ease of implementation saved months of time and thousands of dollars.

Read This Before You Make a Decision about Data Warehousing, Chartio — Chartio was sold to non-technical managers who needed approval from IT, and this was designed to support buyers in the decision-making process.

Data Sheets

Delphix for SAP HANA — This is an example of technical data sheet that I created while working with our product management team.

Delphix Virtualization SDK Data Sheet — This is a more technical piece aimed at senior IT and application development executives. I created it to explain how the Delphix platform works and how developers could take advantage of our SDK to implement new data sources.

Blog Posts

Walmart and Target still strive to match Amazon’s Prime Day success — DISQO’s data shows that although Amazon still significantly outperforms Walmart and Target’s own Prime Day promotions, they still prevent those retailers’ share from diminishing further.

FDA Vaccine Approval Changing Americans’ Views of Vaccines and Mandates — DISQO’s survey showing more Americans are confident in COVID-19 vaccines and supportive of vaccine mandates in the wake of FDA approval.

Chartio’s Data Stores Flip ETL on its Head — Chartio announces a major feature release and how it benefits our users and prospects.

SaaS Economics are the Future of Charity — Chartio participated in with Segment and Watsi to demonstrate what could be learned by using our softwarew to analyze log files. I presented the results of our research head-to-head with representatives from our competitors Looker and Mode.

The Delphix Vision — I wrote this to explain our new positioning of Delphix as a DataOps platform for application development.

Sites I Created or Co-Created

San Jose Mercury News, Mercury Center, Managing Producer — This site has been rebuilt a few times since we created the first full newspaper on the Web in the 90s.

CNET News.com, VP News — I managed the team that created the first news site on a 24 hour news cycle. This site has been recreated a few times since then.

Coastsider, Publisher — Coastsider was one of the very first hyperlocal news sites when I created it in 2004. I did all the design and html on the site, and redesigned the site several times during its life.

MediaSavvy, Creator — I started blogging about media in 2002. The inspiration for Coastsider came when I wrote a series on why newspaper websites should be more like blogs.

What is DataOps, Delphix — Explains Delphix vision of DataOps that goes beyond analytics and streaming data to the near-real-time provision of production data to software developers and testers.